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Pressure Point Massage


Signature Services Waiting for You

deep tissue


repair any aches, pains are injury with a deep tissue massage.
deep tissue massage benefits fall into both physical and metal wellbeing, benefits include 
pain relief, healing, lowers blood pressure, improved movement, aids sleep, breaks up scare tissue.

Hot Stone Massage


Reconnect with yourself by experiencing our unique and soothing Hot Stone Massage. Our skilled therapists will help you find the serenity and balance you deserve by customizing a suitable treatment for you. Book your appointment today.



Discover the incredible power of essential oils and enjoy pure relaxation with a aromatherapy massage, hand blended oils to suit your own needs

deep tissue

45 min

deep tissue massage is a fantastic rejuvenating massage technique used to release tension and tightness held deeply in your muscles and connective tissue.
deep tissue massage can help relive pain and inflammation.

oriental Thai foot massage


This treatment focuses on the foot, hips and lower leg combining Thai, reflexology, deep tissue and Thai stretching leaving you feeling like your walking on air

hot aroma


indulge in this highly relaxing treatment combining hot stones with aromatherapy.
hot stone melt away any tension whilst the hand blended essential oils clear the mind.

Treatments: Treatments

Repairing treatments

Any of these treatments can be added to a 45min deep tissue treatment, ask your therapist at the beginning of the treatment and they will advice what would be best for your needs.

Image by Katherine Hanlon

medical acupuncture
dry needling

Thin monofilament needles are used to treat underlying muscular trigger points for the treatment of muscular pain and movement impairments.
Becky is fully licenced and registered with the local authorities for this treatment.

Image by Katherine Hanlon

Cupping therapy

suction cups are applied to the body to help with blood flow and pain.

Sports massage on leg

IASTM Scraping

A smoothed edged made of surgical grade stainless steel tool is used to gently scrape areas of the body to relive pain and tension.
this treatment is good for, carpal tunnel, tendon strain.

Treatments: Treatments
Multi-Colored Nails Palette

Gel nails with Sarah

Sarah offers a full range of nail services 
manicure, gel polish, nail art, Builder gel and gel extensions.
with over 30 colours to choose from in our Halo range you will be spoiled for choose.

manicure pedicure

pedicure and callus peels

why not give your feet some tender loving care with a pedicure with or without gel polish or choose a callus peel to remove hard skin.
why not choose all 3 to really pamper your foot with our luxury pedicure treatment and foot spa.

Treatments: Treatments
Beauty Salon

Beauty Treatments

Brow wax and shape

Lash lift and tint


Body waxing



Treatments: Treatments

body contouring

Inch loss body wraps

Inch loss body wrap is a safe and effective way to lose inches, the wrapping process contours the body through cleansing, toning and tightening of the soft tissue.

Body Measurements
Lower Body

cavitation lipo

Ultrasound cavitation is highly effective in removing unwanted body fat, this non-invasive procedure targets fat cells in the underlying skin layers using low frequency ultrasound waves to break down fatty substances which are then absorbed by the body lymphatic system and naturally eliminated.

Treatments: Treatments
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